Pullman State Historic Site

Hotel Florence and Gardens, ca. 1890

Upcoming Events

SoundWalk and Performance at the Pullman National Monument/Pullman State Historic Site

Saturday, October 3   10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
11057 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL 60628
Free and open to the public

You.re invited to come to a program at Pullman National Monument & State Historic Site that includes a soundwalk and performance. This program, which happens during the Tenth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival and Chicago Artists Month, is co-presented by Pullman National Monument & Pullman State Historic Site, Outdoor Afro, Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and Borderbend Arts Collective.

A soundwalk is any excursion whose main purpose is listening to the environment. It is exposing our ears to every sound around us no matter where we are. (Hildegard Westerkamp)

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Sunday Factory Tours at the Pullman Factory

Docent led tours of the exterior and select interior spaces of the Pullman Factory site, incorporating industrial history and preservation/restoration logic.

Theatre Hikes

Join us in 2015 as Theatre-Hikes moves to the Hotel Florence to stage two more wonderful plays!

For more information, call 773-660-2341 or E-mail us

Tickets and reservations are available at 872-202-4963 or www.theatre-hikes.org.

Clue, the Musical (July 25 and 26, 2015) has more than 215 different endings. The audience picks the killer, weapon and room at each performance!

War of the Worlds October 23 (evening) and October 24 (morning), 2015. Done by a local playwright, a female protagonist fights aliens attacking Chicago. Base on the novel by H. G. Wells.

All kinds of events occur at the Pullman State Historic Site. Have a look at the 2011 screening of The Last Pullman Car: Link

The Pullman State Historic Site is now
part of the Pullman National Monument

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, President Barack Obama designated the Pullman landmark district and State Site part of the newest National Monument.

The proclamation, creating the Pullman National Monument

Some of the main factors that contributed to the National Monument designation are Pullman's unique history, its contribution to the rise of the industrial middle class, its role in African-American labor history and the Great Migration, and its importance in the development of modern American society.

We are one of America's newest partnership parks, with Federal, State, and private ownership and partnerships of the historic fabric of Pullman.

Visiting Hours

The Hotel Florence at the Pullman State Historic Site is undergoing renovation, and is currently closed for tours.

Call for information: 773.660.2341

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The Pullman National Monument Visitor Information Center (VIC) can be reached at 773.264.7431

The Pullman State Historic Site

11111 S. Forrestville Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628

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