Pullman State Historic Site

Hotel Florence and Gardens, ca. 1890

Theatre Hikes

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Join us for another great season of unique plays by our friends, Theatre-Hikes! This year's productions in Pullman include Alice in Wonderland, and Resurrected.

Tickets and reservations are available at 872-202-4963 or www.theatre-hikes.org.

Resurrected: Grave Chicago Tales

Resurrected: Grave Chicago Tales focuses on 5 famous Chicago scary tales, Resurrection Mary, Devil Baby of Hull House, Julia Petta, the Italian Bride, Francis Levy's Handprint, all held together by the Wynekoop Murder investigation, with audience participation.

Book by Mike Manship; Music by David Kornfeld; Directed by Raphael Schwartzman

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Groundwork is an artistic reflection on history, labor, industry, boundaries and growth. Artists Carrie Iverson and Nathan Sandberg will present new works on the grounds of the Pullman State Historic Site.

The exhibit will take place in two parts: Part 1 will be an iron pour on the factory grounds where members of the community will be invited to participate. Part 2 will be a site-specific art installation within the Clock Tower and Administration Building.

Groundwork, part 2 will be a site-specific art installation within the Clock Tower and Administration Building. More information is available here.

According to the artists
The iron pour will bring to life the community and foundry history of the factory in a dramatic and fiery way- an exciting chance for the public to participate in and learn about the processes that used to happen within the factory. We will then use some of the remnants from the pour to create a site specific installation within the factory, supplemented by other found and existing works. This more reflective installation will offer an outside perspective on the spirit that built Pullman and the events that lead to its present state.

Visiting Hours

The Hotel Florence at the Pullman State Historic Site is undergoing renovation, and is currently closed for tours. LIMITED tours are available of the Pullman Factory Complex.

Call for information: 773.660.2341

Construction Progress on the Hotel Florence

Construction Update

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