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Construction Update, 1 May 2013

All first floor rooms, except the Ladies' Parlor, have been painted in the original historic colors.

Work continues on our new slate roof in the front and back of the Hotel as weather permits.

The front of the Hotel, slate work in progress...

...and the back of the Hotel.
The front lobby and most of the public areas on the 1st floor have had tin (non-original) removed and will receive new plasterwork on walls, ceiling and cornice. Many new discoveries have been made such as the location and outline of the original lobby drinking fountain and original ceiling fixture locations.
Our beautiful stained glass windows on the mezzanine level can now be seen from the 1st floor after removal of an obsolete fire door and wall.

Looking up the staircase from the lobby...

...and down from the second floor entrance.
Both the Men's and Women's bathrooms have been removed to make room for a new elevator /lobby and new Family bathroom on the 1st floor with additional new bathrooms on the lower level, accessible by elevator.

March, April and May have seen a lot of work continuing at the Hotel Florence. Much of it is unseen; continued electrical, fire suppression and heating/cooling upgrades are being completed. Work on the elevator shaft has moved from the basement up through the third floor and we are now awaiting the arrival of the elevator.
The thick-set mortar that contained the imprint of the original floor tiles has been removed as seen in these two photos and we are finalizing the order for tile to replicate the original flooring and tile pattern.

Wall plastering also continues throughout the first floor of the Hotel.

The removal of the tin ceiling in the Dining Room allowed us to determine the original locations of the four ceiling fixtures that hung in the room.
Now the ceiling has been re-plastered and looks beautiful!
The Ladies Vestibule has had a make-over. All the tin was removed and repairs and replastering completed. The South wall will have drinking fountains installed... something we have not had in the Hotel for many years.
Entrance to the elevator and the Family Bathroom will be through this vestibule when completed.

The Mens' Reading Room on the First Floor has been replastered and awaits clean-up. Original ceiling moldings have been exposed but not restored.

Original Billiards Room/ Post Prohibition era Bar has been completely replastered
and had original ceiling mouldings exposed. Awaiting clean-up...

The South Hallway has been replastered and had new ceiling mouldings installed.
Just beginning to install new tile borders.

The newly replastered North Hallway with new
ceiling mouldings and beautiful tile flooring.


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The Hotel Florence at the Pullman State Historic Site is undergoing renovation, and is currently closed for tours. LIMITED tours are available of the Pullman Factory Complex.

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