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11213 St. Lawrence Avenue

Wide-angle shot of part of east side of St. Lawrence before demolition of large porch. Original Smaller porch replaced about 1910.

Subject: Pullman_Houses; Pullman_Hospital; Format: Photograph (all forms)

11217 Watt Avenue

Pullman Hospital

Subject: Pullman_Hospital; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Hospital View c. 1969

Aerial view of original hospital building showing wrap-around porch and window details.

Subject: Pullman_Hospital; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Pullman Beautiful (Nice Things About Pullman Past and Present)

Typed original. Topic: the Dr. John McLean house.

Subject: Chicago_History; Historic_Reference; Illinois_History; Pullman_Company; Pullman_Hospital; Pullman_Houses; Pullman_People; Pullman_Workers; Victorian_Era_-_general; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Pullman Hospital Association Letterhead

Dated July 12, 1915

Subject: Pullman_Hospital; Format: Artwork

Thomas Reid Crowder

Photograph of Dr. Thomas Reid Crowder, taken from building across the street from The Art Institute of Chicago. Dr. Crowder was Director of the Department of Sanitation and Surgery of the Pullman Company. Photograph was taken approximately 1 year before his death in 1942.

Subject: Pullman_Company; Pullman_Hospital; Pullman_Workers; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Thomas Reid Crowder 1872-1942

Obituary/biography of Thomas Reid Crowder, reprinted from the Proceedings of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago, Vol. 14, No. 7, October 15, 1942

Subject: Pullman_(General); Pullman_Company; Pullman_Hospital; Pullman_Workers; Format: Printed Materials - Publications

Thomas Reid Crowder Letter

Letter copy typed by Thomas Crowder, to Peter____?, giving his biography. Letter is dated: Chicago - June 26, 1935.

Subject: Pullman_(General); Pullman_Company; Pullman_Hospital; Pullman_Workers; Format: Correspondence

Touring Pullman

Tour guide booklet produced in 1972.

Subject: Chicago_History; Greenstone_Church; Historic_Reference; Hotel_Florence_History; House_Tour; Market_Hall; Organizations_--_Historic_Pullman_Foundation; Pullman_(General); Pullman_Hospital; Pullman_Houses; Pullman_Landscape_Design; Pullman_Schools; Pullman_Town; Pullman_Water_Tower; The_Stables; Format: Printed Materials - Publications



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