Seventeenth Census of the United States (1950)

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Census Information for Katherine Amerio

Enumeration District No: 1067 Sheet No: 17 | (Original)
Line Number: 29
Order of Visit: 173
Also resident at this address:

Personal Information

Name:   Katherine Amerio
Soundex values:   A560

Soundex is a method for indexing names by sound as pronounced in English, attempting to match names despite minor differences in spelling.

Age in 1950:   Age: 53
Marital status:   Widowed
Previously Married?:   Yes
If so, how many years ago?:   7
Children born:  
Race & gender:   White Female
Relation to Head of Household   Mother-in-law
Address:   11321 Champlain

Current Employment and Salary

Class of Worker:  
Occupation most of this week:   Unable to Work
Employed?   No
Looking for work? No
How many hours worked last week?  

Nativity, Citizenship, & Immigration

Born in:  

Nativity entries in this data set were standardized and translated to official names of countries. The original census entries are included in brackets.

Italy [Italy]
Father's place of birth:   Italy [Italy]
Mother's place of birth:   Italy [Italy]
Citizen?   Yes
Ship, if known:  

Education & Literacy

Speaks English:  
Reads English:  
Writes English:  
Speaks Other Language:  
Reads Other Language:  
Writes Other Language:  

Military Service

Served in World War I:  
Served in World War II:  


The Property at 11321 Champlain
was known as 321 Stephenson before 1907.

PIN Number: 25222210110000

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