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Along the Calumet River

Soft cover boo, 128 pages, with pictures and illustrations, signed by the author.

Subject: Acme_Steel; CHP_Industry_-_ACME_Steel_General; CHP_Waterways_-_Calumet_River_Shipping; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Lake_Calumet; Regional; SCH_Waterways; Format: Printed Materials - Publications

Announce plans for shopping center, industrial park at Lsake Calumet Harbor

Newspaper article, South End Reporter, January 29, 1975.

Subject: Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Bridges - Pennsylvania Railroad Bridges

Construction of railroad elevator lift bridges crossing the Calumet River at 96th Street. View shows construction of the two bridges for the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago RR. Old Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RR swing bridge is visible in the distance. View is north toward mouth of Calumet River and Lake Michigan.

Subject: SCH_Transportation; SCH_South_Chicago; SCH_Waterways,_Calumet_River; SCH_East_Side; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Calumet Area - Going West of Pullman

Booklet for field trip conducted by the Calumet Ecological Park Association, June 27, 1998.

Subject: Regional; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Format: Printed Materials - Other

Calumet Harbor Celebration

Photo of Mayor Richard J. Daley and Les Beck in parade celebrating the opening of Calumet Harbor, August 27, 1955.

Subject: Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Chicago Wilderness

Magazine published 4 times a year, endorsed by the Chicago Wilderness Alliance. Special Issue 'Discovering the Calumet'.

Subject: Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Chicago_History; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Doty's Article on Calumet Region

Forty-five page, handwritten manuscript with edits and notes written by Duane Doty, original Pullman town manager. Probably late 19th century. Full record is available for viewing at the Bertha Ludlam Library at the Hotel Florence.

Subject: Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Reference; Format: Household Accessory

Jon Ton House

Photo of home of Jon Ton on the Calumet River, one mile east of Riverdale, 1856; handwritten note on reverse.

Subject: Victorian_Era_-_general; SCH_Waterways,_Calumet_River; Illinois_History; Historic_Reference; Chicago_History; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Lake Calumet and Pullman Area Map

Photograph of a partial map showing Lake Calumet and the southern edge of Chicago city limits.

Subject: Regional; Pullman_Town; Lake_Calumet; Historic_Reference; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Aerial_Views; Format: Map

Lake Calumet marina canceled

Copy of a newspaper article from the Chicago Tribune Metro section about the Port District and the Park Districts plan for Lake Michigan.

Subject: Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Chicago_History; Regional; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Monument to city's industrial past

One of a series of articles in this issue of Calumet Heritage about Chicago's steel industry and the attempted rescue of the Acme Steel Co. Chicago Coke Plant at 11236 S. Torrence Ave.

Subject: Acme_Steel; CHP_Industry_-_ACME_Steel_Coke_Plant; CHP_Industry_-_ACME_Steel_General; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Chicago_History; Industry,_other; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

The Nature of It

Article in the Daily Southtown about the Indian Ridge Marsch nature center.

Subject: ; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Lake_Calumet; Regional; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Thismia Americana

Program for theatrical production presented at Pullman State Historic Site, Septmber 24, 26 and 27. Written by Christine Hodak and directed by Andrew Park.

Subject: ; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Historic_Reference; Illinois_History; Lake_Calumet; Format: Printed Materials - Other

Waterways Dredging along the Little Calumet River

Undated print from old glass negative, possibly Chicago Daily News negative, steam powered dredge possibly in winter. Old frame house in distance possibly near Torrence Avenue. Old car in foreground.

Subject: Chicago_History; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Format: Photograph (all forms)



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