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Algoma Central Railroad Maps

Algoma Central Railroad maps found on the on the re-commissioned Advance train car "Michipicoten."

Subject: ; General/Misc.; Historic_Reference; Format: Map

Algoma Central Railroad Maps

Algoma Central Railroad maps found on the on the re-commissioned Advance train car "Michipicoten."

Subject: ; General/Misc.; Historic_Reference; Format: Map

Chicago Landmark Sign for South Pullman

Informational sign posted by the city of Chicago in the Pullman Landmark District.

Subject: Pullman_Town; General/Misc.; Chicago_History; Format: Map

Chicago Map

Chicago map from 1970 showing location of South Pullman District.

Subject: Chicago_History; Format: Map

Chicago Map

Photocopy of partial map of south side of Chicago and Cook County, c1850.

Subject: Chicago_History; Format: Map

Chicago Map, 1893

Rand McNally & Co. Map show Chicago boundaries of 1893, Pullman, site of Columbian Exposition.

Subject: ; Chicago_History; Historic_Reference; Illinois_History; Lake_Calumet; Pullman_(General); Pullman_Rail_Travel; Rail_Travel_-_Other; Regional; Format: Map

Historic Pullman Foundation Pullman Historic District

Map of restoration projects: proposed implementation responsibilities. Produced by Historic Pullman Foundation.

Subject: Plans/_Reports/_Studys; Format: Map

Illinois and Michigan Canal Corridor Maps

Canal Corridor Association and National Park Service Maps

Subject: Regional; Format: Map

Illinois Brick Company Yard

Photocopy of Sandborn map showing Illinois Brick Company Yard, east of Stephenson (Champlain Ave.) adjacent to Lake Calumet, 1911.

Subject: Reference; Format: Map

Labor Trail: Chicago's History of Working-Class Life and Struggle

Map created by the Labor History Society featuring numerous labor history sites around the Chicago area.

Subject: Labor_History,_other; Format: Map

Lake Calumet and Pullman Area Map

Photograph of a partial map showing Lake Calumet and the southern edge of Chicago city limits.

Subject: Regional; Pullman_Town; Lake_Calumet; Historic_Reference; Calumet_River_-_Calumet_Region; Aerial_Views; Format: Map

Map of Cook County, Illinois

Colored map showing the entire Cook County area of Chicago, with special illustrations and notes, real estate listings.

Subject: ; Pullman_(General); Format: Map

Map of Lands Owned by Pullman Land Association and Pullman's Palace Car Co.

Map on coated linen showing lands owned by Pullman. Probably early 1880's. Stamped "Pullman Company Engineers Office. File No. 1, Drawing No. 66. Undated.

Subject: Chicago_History; Kensington; Pullman_Company; Pullman_Palace_Car_Company; Regional; Roseland_Community; Format: Map

Market Hall Plans

Subject: Market_Hall; Format: Map

Plan of Pullman City

Proposed plan of "Pullman City" that is larger than the actual one built - note expanse south past Kensington, east past the train tracks, north to 98th. Map dates before the town plan was finalized. The Casino, Church, and School are not indicated, alleys are different than the final build, and the water/rail connection on Lake Calumet was never achieved. Map probably before 1883, although published in Harpers Weekly in 1885.

Subject: Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Plat of Sanitary Sewer System at Pullman

Copy of original Plat of Sanitary System at Pullman. Map shows sewer system from 111th street to 113th street, undated. Sheet No. 1. scale 50'-1"

Subject: ; Format: Map

Pullman - Hyde Park Twp.

Photocopy of Pullman map from 111th to 115th, and St. Lawrence to east of Langley. Copyright 1958 Joe H. Sidwell.

Subject: Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Pullman and Vicinity 1915


Subject: Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Pullman Car Works

Photocopy of map of Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company with location of production, serivce and staff departments. Date unknown.

Subject: Pullman_Standard_Car_Mfg_Company; Format: Map

Pullman Car Works Map

Photocopy of map of Pullman Car Works with legend showoing various shops, dated 01/01/01.

Subject: Pullman_Company; Format: Map

Pullman Companies

Photocopy of map showing various companies on Pullman property. Date unknown.

Subject: Pullman_(General); Format: Map

Pullman Facility Site Map

A copy of a Pullman facility site map from the early 1950's showing when certain factory buildings were being razed.

Subject: Pullman_Standard_Car_Mfg_Company; Pullman_Company; Historic_Reference; Factory_Site; Format: Map

Pullman Factory Design Plans

Three different design plans for the Factory site and Administration Building. Urban Works, Ltd., Architect and Shen & Associates, Landscape Architect.

Subject: ; Pullman_1998_Factory_Fire; Format: Map

Pullman Factory Site Plan - State History Museum/Destination Cluster

Plan possibilities drawn up for the Factory site after the Clocktower fire.

Subject: Factory_Site; Administration_Building; Plans/_Reports/_Studys; Format: Map

Pullman Historic American Engineering Record

Copy of Haer report done by the National Park Service in 1976, with maps showing the factory site and town in 1886 and 1901.

Subject: Factory_Site; Historic_Reference; Organizations_--_Historic_Pullman_Foundation; Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Pullman in 1886

Photocopy of map showing Pullman North of 111th Street.

Subject: North_Pullman; Format: Map

Pullman Industrial Complex

Photocopy of map showing Pullman factory complex, Lake Vista, lumber yard, and Lake Calumet c. 1866

Subject: Factory_Site; Format: Map

Pullman Land

Photocopy of partial 1899 map showing plat of lands owned by the P.L.A. (Pullman Land Association) and the Pullman Palace Car Company between 95th Street and 133th(sic) Street showing Pullman Electric Street R.R. Only lands between 95th Street and approximately 115th Street are visible.

Subject: Pullman_(General); Format: Map

Pullman Land Association Map

Various contracts and map for the execution and platting of Pullman Park addition between George M. Pullman and his assigns and the Pullman Land Association.

Subject: ; Pullman_Land_Association; Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Pullman Mansion - Prarie Avenue Map

Township map (perhaps for fire insurance?) of Prairie Ave. Pullman Mansion is largest shown, at the north east corner of 18th and Prairie. Beman designed the Conservatory wing. adjacent ICRR/MCRR tracks behind house. Most of these buildings razed by 1960's

Subject: Pullman_Mansion; Chicago_History; Format: Map

Pullman Map 1907

Map of the original Town of Pullman from 115th to 111th street, and from St.Lawrence to Ellis. Map shows sewer lines. Recorded March 9, 1908. Drawn by Robert Rhodes & Association 10/14/1970.

Subject: ; Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Pullman Map, Hyde Park Township

Color slide of a portion of Snyders map of Hyde Park showing the projected town of Pullman and development of the surrounding areas of Kensington and Roseland. Slips on Lake Calumet never built.

Subject: Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Pullman Railroad Round House

Photocopy of partial map showing Pullman Round House location east of Langley and south of 111th Street.

Subject: Pullman_(General); Format: Map

Pullman Sewage Farm

Partial photocopy of map showing Pullman Sewage Farm, between 134th and 130th streets and South Park (now King Drive) and Indiana Avenue. Dated September 17, 1894. Photocopy in four sections which are merged.

Subject: Pullman_(General); Format: Map

Sewer Lines Map

Partial copy of blueprint for Pullman Sewer lines showing grey water and waste lines, not dated.

Subject: Pullman_Town; Format: Map

Sherwin-Williams Company

Photocopy of Sandborn Library map showing Sherwin-Williams paint factory located between 115th and Kensington, west of Stephenson (Champlain) avenue.

Subject: Kensington; Format: Map

South Pullman District

Photocopy, date unknown, showing 111th to 115th Streets and the Illinois Central Railroad tracks.

Subject: Pullman_(General); Format: Map

The Advance - Algoma Central Railroad Maps

Maps found on the re-commissioned Advance train car the "Michipicoten."

Subject: ; General/Misc.; Historic_Reference; Format: Map

The Pullman Clock Tower & Factory Site

Map of Proposal for Its Restoration. Drawn by Charles E. Gregersen.

Subject: Factory_Site; Format: Map



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