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Acme Steel - Compact Strip Production Facility Panoramic Drawing

Artist's rendition of Acme Steel "World's First Mini-Grated Compact Strip Production Facility", Riverdale, IL.

Subject: SCH_Riverdale; Acme_Steel; Interlake_Iron_Corporation; Format: Artwork

Acme Steel - Interlake Iron Corporation Family Tree, 1932

"Family tree" of Interlake Iron Corporation from World's Work Magazine, January 1932.

Subject: Acme_Steel; Interlake_Iron_Corporation; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Acme Steel - Whaleback Ship

Early whaleback lake boat unloading at Federal Furnace, predecessor company to Acme/Interlake Steel. Boats tied up along the Calumet River to unload cargo at Federal Furnace. Blast furnace and stoves are visible in the background. Location at approximately 107th and Calumet River. c1913

Subject: SCH_Waterways,_Calumet_River; SCH_Transportation; Acme_Steel; Interlake_Iron_Corporation; SCH_East_Side; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Industry - Aerial Photo of Steel Mills on the Calumet River

Aerial photograph looking ESE from over South Deering toward steel mills on the Calumet River between 106th and 116th Streets. South Deering neighborhood and Bright School are in the foreground. Wisconsin Steel is located across the middle of the photo on the west side of the river. On the east side is Acme/Interlake Furnace Plant at left and Republic Steel at the top right.

Subject: SCH_Waterways,_Calumet_River; SCH_South_Deering; Acme_Steel; Interlake_Iron_Corporation; SCH_East_Side; Wisconsin_Steel; Republic_Steel; LTV; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Wisconsin Steel "The Harvester"

The Harvester, one of two lake boats owned by International Harvester, unloading ore at Wisconsin Steel North Slip off the Calumet River. Blast furnaces of Interlake Steel (Acme) can be seen across the Calumet River in the distance.

Subject: SCH_Waterways,_Calumet_River; SCH_South_Deering; Wisconsin_Steel; Acme_Steel; Interlake_Iron_Corporation; Format: Photograph (all forms)


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