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Arcade Interior Library

Page with photograph of Arcade library interior, taken from Pullman: The City of Brick. 1893.

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Arcade Library History

Excerpt of the history of the Pullman Library in the Arcade Building, from The Calumet Index, October 12, 1917. Written by Bertha Stewart Ludlam.

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Arcade Library Interior


Subject: Arcade_Library; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Arcade Library Interior

Note the HH Hawley Stencls near the ceiling. The library contained more than 6,000 volumes, most being George Pullman's personal donation. Library cards cost $3.00 a year for adults and $1.00 a year for children. The library was housed in four elegant rooms in the NE corner of the second floor. These rooms had stained glass windows, chandeliers, Wilton carpets and upholstered furniture which gave the rooms the feel of a gentlemen's club. There was also an austere fifth reading room that was furnished plainly and had a separate entrance. This was for factory workers who might not feel comfortable in the other rooms. Evening classes for adults were held here and included classes in stenography, art, language, and literature. Bertha Ludlam, cousin of George M. was the librarian.

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Foreign Books Show Shifts

Article describing the demographic shift shown by the languages of books borrowed from the Pullman branch library, which at the time had more languages represented than any other branch in the Chicago Public Library system.

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Pullman Library - 1892

Newspaper clipping from the South End Reporter, March 4, 1959 showing the Arcade Building library.

Subject: Arcade_Library; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Pullman: A Social Study

Copy of an article appearing in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 1889.

Subject: Pullman_Views; Pullman_Stables; Pullman_Palace_Car_Company; Pullman_Houses; Pullman_Building; Pullman_Bank; Pullman_Labor_History; Market_Hall; Hotel_Florence_--_Exterior; Greenstone_Church; Beman,_Solon_Spencer; Architecture; Arcade_Theatre; Arcade_Shops; Arcade_Park; Arcade_Library; Arcade_Building; Format: Printed Materials - Publications



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