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Elim Lutheran Church Coin Bank

Coin bank with label on one side "A Penny Per Meal Offering, Missions and Charities, Elim Lutheran Church, Chicago, Ill." and showing owner as Mrs. J. Moline. Opposite side of the label shows full text for a "Prayer after Meals".

Subject: ; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Roseland_Community; Format: Other Ephemera

Greenstone Church - c. 1950s

Matted black and white photograph of the Greenstone Church, possibly taken around the 1950s.

Subject: Greenstone_Church; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Architecture; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Hold Hearings on Pullman Landmark Status

Photo with caption, published in the South End Reporter, 1972. Shows residents in attendance a the Greenstone Church.

Subject: Pullman_Town; Preservation/_Architecture_(General); Illinois_History; Historic_Reference; Greenstone_Church; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Chicago_History; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Letters from Methodist Espiscopal Church

A series of pleas from the Methodist Episcopal Church asking for relief of debt from rental of space in the Casino Building in 1898 and again in 1900. includes accounts income.

Subject: ; Casino_Building; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Correspondence

Preserve Historic Pullman Button

Plastic button with image of Greenstone Church on front - "Preserve Historic Pullman"

Subject: Greenstone_Church; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Advertising; Format: Button-Badges

Pullman and his 'perfect' town

Newspaper article describing George M. Pullman's social experiment with the town of Pullman.

Subject: Chicago_History; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Historic_Reference; Illinois_History; Lake_Calumet; Pullman_Houses; Pullman_Labor_History; Pullman_Palace_Car_Company; Pullman_Town; Pullman_Workers; The_Stables; Format: Printed Materials - Publications

Pullman Beautiful

Copy of typed original. Topic: Greenstone Church.

Subject: ; Architecture; Beman,_Solon_Spencer; Chicago_History; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Greenstone_Church; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Pullman Residents Need to Know...

A collection of 6 sheets with information about the proposal to build the Salem Baptist Church bordering the Pullman neighborhood. Includes proposed map of site.

Subject: Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Printed Materials - Other

Reformation Lutheran Church 1972 Directory

Church location at 11310 South Forest Avenue. Originally, Elim Lutheran Church designed by SS Beman. Directory of ministers, staff, committees, and church members. Includes advertising by local Roseland businesses.

Subject: Roseland_Community; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Printed Materials - Publications

Roseland-Pullman article - "The Church of Clout"

Chicago Reader article on the Reverend James Meeks and the House of Hope Church.

Subject: Roseland_Community; Pullman_Town; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

St. Anthony Catholic Church Dedication

Book commemorating the dedication of the new St. Anthony Churst located at Indiana and Kensington Avenues, August 20, 1961. 356 pages with extensive local advertising and lists of individual sponsors. Includes photos of St. Anthony school classes, clergy and other local clergy members.

Subject: Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Printed Materials - Publications

St. Anthony Catholic Sunday Notice

Two partial copies of Sunday bulletins from St. Anthony Church, September 3 and 10, 1978.

Subject: ; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Printed Materials - Other

St. Anthony Holy Name Society

Two ribbon badges of St. Anthony of Padua Italian Catholic Church Holy Name Society founded in 1925. Church located at Indiana and Kensington Avenues.

Subject: ; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Artwork

Sunday School Picnic

Photo on cardstock of Sunday School picnic group, possibly Roseland Presbyterian Church. Many children and teachers in period attire.

Subject: Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Swedish Lutheran Church

Early image of Swedish Luther Church of Pullman, Roseland, Kensington.

Subject: Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Swedish Lutheran Church

Located at 113th Street and Forest Avenue, Roseland, Chicago, ILL. Postcard mailed 1910. Church designed by Solon S. Beman. Postcard mailed in 1910.

Subject: Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Postcard

The Gospel of Money

Article from the August 2001 issue of Money magazine, about Salem Baptist Church and the Rev. James Meeks.

Subject: Chicago_History; Regional; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

The Upper Room Outreach Ministry

Booklet for storefront church located on top floor of Stables building during 2007.

Subject: Pullman_Town; Churches_-_Roseland,_Pullman; Format: Printed Materials - Other



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