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Interesting Things... 2000-2003

Series of essays and anecdotes relating to the social history of Pullman, for publication in the Pullman Flyer. Typed original and draft copies, some with photos and banner layout.

Subject: World_War_II; World_War_I; War_Memorial; Victorian_Era_-_general; The_Snow_Cruiser; Regional; Reference; Pullman_Water_Tower; Pullman_Train_Cars; Pullman_Town; Pullman_People; Pullman_Landscape_Design; Pullman_Labor_History; Pullman_Houses; Pullman_Family; Pullman_1998_Factory_Fire; Pullman_-_Post_1975; Pullman_(General); Organizations_--_Pullman_Improvement_Association; Organizations_--_Pullman_Civic_Organization; Organizations_--_Other; Organizations_--_Historic_Pullman_Foundation; Memorials; Lake_Calumet; Labor_History,_other; Illinois_History; Hotel_Florence_History; Historic_Reference; General/Misc.; Factory_Site; Chicago_History; Beman,_Solon_Spencer; Barrett,_Nathan_Franklin; Architecture; Arcade_Building; Administration_Building; Format: Printed Materials - Other

Pullman Beautiful (Nice Things About Pullman Past and Present)

Typed and hand-notated original article; topic is history of American Legion Roseland Post 49.

Subject: ; Historic_Reference; Military_-_other; Organizations_--_Other; War_Memorial; World_War_I; World_War_II; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Warehouse office

Photograph of an office in a warehouse or hangar; personnel at desks, wall calendar dated April 1918. #7429

Subject: World_War_I; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Washington Navy Yard

Short narrative regarding a 50 Cliber Mark I Railway Battery, semi-encloed battleship gun, manufactured in part by Pullman.

Subject: World_War_I; Format: Printed Materials - Other

West Pullman World War I List of Servicemen

Public list showing "names near as can be of men who served in the recent war" (World War I) from West Pullman. The publishers of the list are requesting additions and verification of names and addresses. 1919

Subject: World_War_I; Regional; Format: Printed Materials - Publications

WWI Rally in Calumet Shops

View looking west from Calumet Shop building past gate at 114th and Rock Island Tracks. Rear of 11300 block of Langley shown. Choir ladies in front row, marching drums at rest.

Subject: World_War_I; Pullman_Workers; Format: Photograph (all forms)



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